10 Best Christmas Gifts for the Wife

Now, Getting Gifts For The Wife Can Be Quite Tricky, Especially If They Are Fitness & Health Related



(… so any back lash from your gift, you can send them this blog and blame me.  I got your back)


Obviously we are not trying to offend but only to support them in their wellbeing. Hopefully, with your new transformation, they will want to join in on the fun and see the gift of health as an act from the heart.

Being active and eating healthy together is a great gift and gifting her with the latest health products may work out to be one of her best gifts ever, after the kid’s handmade cards of course.

So, in this blog I will list some great gifts ranging from free to £200 that you can gift the misses for Christmas that she is sure to love. In case you’re still unsure, each of these gifts have been approved by my 10xWife Tania, so if this doesn’t go well you can blame her!


GIFTS: £0 – £50


1.  In Home Massage Done By You.  Total Cost = £0! 

Set the mood with music and candles and make sure the kids are out of the house or at least asleep first… deep sleep, we’ve all made that mistake! Having screaming kids in the background is not relaxing and will only keep her mind distracted with their wellbeing. 

  • Head Over to YouTube, there are some great tutorials (Watch Here)


2.  Local Activities In Your Community.  Total Cost = £0!

You’d be surprised how many free activities you can do around your community. From markets to hikes and trail exploring, to free concerts and movies to free yoga in the park. Look online to see what your community has to offer and choose something you can do together.

  • Choose the gift of date night this year.  Make a start on it for Christmas and make a thing of it, your relationship with thrive because of it.


3.  Be The Chore KING.  Total Cost = £0 – £8.86!

Give her a month’s (or forever) worth of doing a chore she hates to do the most. Perhaps she hates doing the washing up, taking that on for her can be the greatest gift of all.

  • Want to know some of things your partner hates, or wants your help with or even things to take completely off her plate, this book is worth a ready (5 Languages of love).  When TV and I figured this out, it certainly helped take the pressure away from those annoying chores you hate doing.


4.  Amazon Shopping.  Total Cost = £12.99

There are some amazing deals on Amazon that will not break the bank. Gifts from as little as £5 to well, the sky the limit. Here you can find accessories that will support her fitness journey, shoes, equipment (yoga mats, bands, pilates balls etc.) and so much more. The great thing about Amazon is that it is fast delivery (for Prime users) and they have pretty much everything you can think of for great prices.

  • Amazon also price matches their competitors so you can feel sure that you are getting a great price (always double check though).
  • Check out these bands on Amazon that could really add to her at home workouts. 

5.  Travel Bottles.  Total Cost = £38.17! 

We’re all trying to avoid using so much plastic and the world thanks you for it, so we’ve seen the reusable bottle trending. There are some pretty cool designs and shapes you can choose from. These bottles can be used for both hot and cold drinks keeping things hot or cold for hours.

  • There are many different brands out there, however this bottle from Ted Baker is one she would surely love. 


GIFTS: £50 – £100


6.  Easy & Healthy Cooking.  From £5 a meal

Unless you live under a rock, you would know that cooking subscription boxes are popping up in many kitchens. These boxes are great for the fast paced family who is looking to stay healthy and have little time for food shopping and cooking. There are plenty of companies to choose from, Mindful Chef, Gusto, HelloFresh and so much more. Depending on your family’s taste you can choose by vegetarian companies or companies that have been rated for their meat.

  • You can choose your recipes and how often you want them delivered, right to your door.  Either way this is a great gift that will be great for all!
  • Here a few decent ones to check out
      • Hello Fresh
      • Simply Cook
      • Mindful Chef


7.  The Gift Of Workout Gear! Total Cost £50 – £100!

There are some really cool workout kits out there that will get the misses feeling awesome. Get her a gift certificate to a local gym wear shop and have her spoil herself.

  • Places like Sweaty Betty, Gymshark and even TKMaxx have a great selection.


8.  The Gift Of Healthy Eating/Drinking.

The smoothie game has been around for many decades and has really shown to help people stay on top of their nutrition, ensuring they are eating their fruits and veg every day but also supporting our busy lives.

  • The NutriBullet 600 Series allows for fast smoothie making. This little tool will ensure eating healthy is fast and easy. 

GIFTS: £100 – £200+


9.  The Gadget That Keeps Her Moving. Total Cost £99.99!

There are so many different kinds of gadgets out there that support your fitness. The Fitbit can really improve your wife’s health and keep her accountable for staying active.

  • These Fitbits come in great colours and sizes that your wife will be sure to love.


10.  Music To Her Ears.

Get her some amazing wireless earphones that will get her favourite music motivating her fitness, my apple airpods are my most favourite purchase of 2019!  But these badass set of Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are sweat proof and waterproof. They have 5 hours of sound play and a feature called “Find my Buds” which connects to your phone. 




There are so many different products and services out there that can really make for a great Christmas present. The gift of fitness doesn’t have to be something you fear to gift your partner. If you choose to live a healthier life together then the gift is more of a way to become closer as a duo then as a criticism to her.


Of course, if you’re still worried these gift may backfire, follow it with another gift that has no fitness relation at all…they do say

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. lol!


Need some more help, you should ask the 10X Dads in our free group! (Click Here To Join)


Have an amazing Christmas!



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