5 TIPS to get you back to the GYM SAFELY

Ok, dads!  So the gyms are about to open back up… or maybe they already have in your area!

Today, I’m going to walk you through 5 things I want you to consider before you take your first step back into the gym. From re-finding your motivation to making sure you don’t take another 4 months off!




This may sound strange and I could easily have just said leave the ego at the door or don’t go so hard, but I didn’t… So back it up!  Let’s put things into perspective real quick.  You haven’t exercised as much as you used to in the past 4 months or so.  You might have been running or training at home with your body weight or bands, but nothing compared to the heavy deadlifts you used to smash.


So with this in mind, we need to work our body back into it, build our strength back, get back to normal routines and MOST IMPORTANTLY DON’T GET INJURED!


I know a lot of you have been struggling with motivation during C-19 and now you are ready to go back to the gym.  Consider how you might feel if you finally get back to the gym and you get injured (pushing too, hard too soon) stopping you from going to the gym for another 4 months… yeah, that’s right awful!


So leave the ego at the door, back it up and build your strength, stamina and flexibility back over time.




You know the feeling of January 1st right? Maybe not the 1st, but the feeling of a new year and the possibilities of a new you!  Motivation is high and you are buzzing!


And now consider your motivation over the past 4 months.  Don’t want to be too much of a Debbie Downer but I know from all the conversations I’ve had with you dads, that motivation has been low.


We’ve all now been handed THE NEW JANUARY.. or what feels like it.


Gyms reopen and motivation is going to go high again!




Use this time to kick start things again!  You are going to have 10-14 days where you’re going to be highly motivated and (this is the only time I’ll be close to being harsh here)  don’t be that guy who’s given up on 2020!  Don’t be that guy who’s just going to moan about what’s happened this year and continue to bring everyone down.  Let’s put a positive spin on things and start to put the hard yards back in.


You have so much time left in 2020 to truly transform your body.


Check this blog out from the new year where I talk you through how to set goals.  If you are feeling the buzz right now, it might be worth setting some new goals for the end of the year.


Your Bullet Proof Goal Setting System to Crush 2020




This is simple and I won’t haggle here!

Whatever your gym or local government wants you to do, DO IT!

Don’t moan about it!  Just get it done.

Feel privileged and thankful that you have the opportunity to exercise and train again at your gym.

You are not a one man crusade against face masks and no one cares.  Shut up, put them on and stay safe, it is your duty!




This isn’t the normal, how many reps and sets are you going to perform… you should know this by now!  This is a plan of action for the next 6-12 weeks.

You should give yourself some time to ease back into the gym, get back to routines and allow the body to re-adapt (I’d say at least 2 weeks).

Then I think this is a great time to test.  See what the effects of this “gym break” have been on the body and test your fitness.  Testing strength (bench, squat & deadlift) and capacity (running, burpees, etc).

Having completed this process you should then be in a good position to get back to your old training at a higher intensity.




We have basics in the gym and outside of the gym and as you are feeling your way back to normality make sure you are covering the basics:


  1. Warm up – spend a little longer than normal to make sure you don’t get injured.
  2. Strength – hit the bar, dumbbells or machines, what ever you use.
  3. Cardio – or HIIT or MetCon.  What ever you prefer.

Aim to hit all 3 in your workouts when you get back and you’ll do great.

Check this video out about workout splits, it will help you decide what you should be doing at the gym  WATCH HERE



  1. Recovery – you are going to want to focus on the recovery (3 below) immediately or the body will be sore.
  2. Nutrition – high protein diet and don’t miss out on those carbs, these will refuel you and give you back your energy.
  3. Hydration – find a decent amount that helps your feel good, but not spend forever in the toilet
  4. Sleep – for us dads, this mainly comes down to our evening routines.  Give up the insta scrolling and get to bed.


5 TIPS to get you back to the GYM SAFELY | FINAL WORD


  • Take your time building your strength back.  You do not want to get injured.
  • Use this time to fuel your motivation, it will be high for the next 10-14 days.
  • Stay safe and follow protocols, no one cares about your BS opinions.
  • Have a plan for the next 4 weeks.  What do you want to achieve?
  • Cover the basics (warm up, strength & cardio).



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