5 Ways to Break the Cycle

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Welcome To “5 Ways to Break the Cycle.” Today I will go through 5 ways you can get yourself out of a slump and get back on track to reaching your goals. With IMMEDIATE impact on your goals to be fitter, faster, stronger and leaner.


OK, I get it! It’s been a while since you got up and trained, a long time since you tracked your nutrition and definitely some time since you’ve felt on the right path of your fitness goals. It all seems down in the dumps, miles away and a dread to start it all up again. And with this kind of attitude, it will be.

So, let’s break this cycle, let’s get up off our asses and get it done. How do we do this? I am going to give you 5 ways to help break the cycle of laziness, excuses and plain lack of motivation.

  1. Get up and go. Right now!

Get up off the couch, put your trainers on and get outside. You’re allowed you 1x / 1 hour exercise, use it! Even if you hate running, that little bit of movement, that bit of action is going to set something off in your head so that when you get home you are going to have the energy and the motivation to plan the rest of your day, the rest of the week and maybe even the rest of your month. Even if you’re out the door and it turns out to be just a walk, that action will trigger an energy and clarity inside you that will change your whole mood. So get up and go!

  1. Connect with a Friend.

Reach out to a friend who is in a very similar situation as you. They too have let themselves go, they have no energy, feeling a bit down on themselves etc. or maybe he’s just a few steps ahead of you. Get yourself a virtual buddy that you will be accountable to or whom you will look up to for motivation. By doing this, you both have someone to help you through your journey. You both will have someone who will push you to run that extra mile and to lift that extra weight. Whoever you choose, make sure they want it as much as you. There is no point in finding someone who will just deter you from your goals. So when choosing, choose wisely.

“But none of my friends feel the way I do!”

Are you sure? Have you asked? Guarantee that there is someone out there who feels just as lost or behind on their goals as you. Just ask.

  1. Get yourself a coach/trainer/PT.

Find yourself an expert, whatever fits into your budget, who knows all about this field. Someone who is experienced and knows what they are talking about. Research them, make sure they are there to help and motivate. Make sure they resonate with you.

Our Facebook Group is a great platform for help. There is a button on there that will directly lead you to me! Message me! Ask me those questions! That is why I am here! I am here to help and make this journey as fluid as possible.

4. Refection.

This one requires no movement, but is as powerful as exercise. Reflect on your thoughts about the type of dad and role model you wanted to be before your children were born. Remind yourself of those things you wanted for yourself as a dad. Are you leading the life you wanted? Or demonstrating the life you want your kids to mimic? Are you being the role model, showing them which way to go? If your answer is NO, then do something about it! Do something about it now. Show them how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. They are kids and they watch and copy us all the time. Show them how you move, how you eat healthy and show them how you take care of yourself physically and mentally. Make this part of your life so much, that it just naturally becomes a part of theirs.

Here’s a real life scenario from a client of mine.

I was on the phone with him during our one to one call, and he was asking me about these meal replacement shakes for his thirteen-year-old daughter. She was adamant she wanted to take them because she had seen him take them in the past. He couldn’t change her mind, because she had already decided. She was going to take them because that was the only way she knew to be “healthy.” That poor girl thought that was the only way to living a healthy and fit life, at just thirteen.

Learn from my client and make sure they see you make the right choices, choosing the right foods, getting up and moving and even taking time to focus on mindset, whether that’s meditation, affirmations or reading a book for fun or for self-improvement. These little ones are always watching, always wanting to be like us. So show them how it SHOULD be done.

  1. Talk to your partner.

Share with your partner what’s going on, how you’re feeling, what your goals are and what your plans are going to be in order to reach those goals. Ask them to help you, to keep you accountable and to help you make better choices.

I speak to so many dads who ask me how to get their partners on board, because they want to eat this way and they want to eat that way. It’s hard enough to try and change your habits, but to try and change someone else’s who is not interesting in changing, is difficult. So give them the option to join you or just support you.

So the first thing I ask these dads is have you told them? Have you let them know that you have been feeling this way and want to a change? And the answer is always, “no!”

Without this conversation, your partner will not know what you are trying to achieve and unwillingly may lead you astray. So chat to them and make them understand what it is you need. Perhaps, they join you and try to achieve their own goals. Perhaps they just support you while you make these changes. And if they choose otherwise, make sure you are focused on your goals and keep living a healthier life for yourself.

So you see fellas, you can get out of a rut and make changes now! By following these 5 tips, you can be on your way to reaching your goals. Visualise the life you want, what your future self is going to look like, think and feel and take these steps in making it a reality.

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Simon Macey

Simon Macey

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