How to Eat Your Cravings

You’re busting your gut at the gym – Check

You’re hitting your 10, 000 steps, everyday – Check

You’re parking your car further away from work and walking in – Check

You’re Eating Healthy – Check – Errr, Ummm. You did have that packet of crisps and those chocolate biscuits!


Looks like you’re mostly on the ball and are really trying to adhere to your goals, but those cravings are killer. You crave them every day, after a hard days work and especially when chilling with the family in front of the tele.

Your cravings get so intense that one day you just bite the bullet and have a little, then a little bit more and before you know it, the packet is empty.

Guess what? I’m here to tell you that you CAN give into those cravings. Only you’re not giving in, you’re factoring it into our daily calories and being consistent if consuming them.

Let’s talk about how we can include these foods into our daily lives and not feel guilty about it. Here are 5 ways you can have those “cravings” and still keep to your goals.

  1. Stop calling it “cravings.”

From now on were going to stop calling it cravings and call it FOOD. The more you give it a forbidden name, the more you want it.

  1. Give yourself a number.

Track how many times a week you actually consume this “craving.” If it used to be every single day and now it’s once a month, no wonder you’re craving it. You have forbidden it from your life, that’s why you want it more. Try and factor it in, but make sure it is part of your calories for the day and you won’t feel guilty about it. WIN!

  1. Out of sight out of mind.

If you don’t see it, you won’t consume it. So don’t buy it and have it in your house, in front of your eyes, calling your name. However, if you can’t live without it, and you have figured out how to factor it into your calorie goals, make sure you don’t go crazy and buy 10 packs of the food. Instead buy one and make it last the month. This way you can still eat it, but since it’s limited, you’ll hopefully spread it out throughout the month. And if you eat it all in one go, oh well, got to wait til next month.

With that being said, you may need your family’s support with this one. I know the kids love these foods too, but if you’re buying it for the kids, it’s still in sight and in mind. Try and limit this snack food for the whole family or try and introduce the kids to healthier options. Cut up fruit with yogurt and veggies with hummus dip will help them and you be healthier. Teach them how to make healthy living part of their lifestyle while they are young, and it will carry on thorough adulthood.

  1. Food environment.

This one can be tricky! Avoid places where you know these cravings are just waiting for you. If you crave a beer, don’t go down to the pub every weekend. As much as you will try to just have one, we know that never happens. So stay home and go once a month or couple of month instead.

If you know that the staff kitchen at work is always filled with cakes and biscuits, stop going there. Avoid it like the plague! Keep your lunch at your desk or run in get your lunch and get out.

And if your route home has you driving past the fast food, take an alternate route. Might take an additional few minutes, but will keep the gut at bay.

  1. Punishment.

OK, you’ve limited your intake of this food and you have really been following your goals and that’s great, but you have a bad day at work, you and the misses get into an argument and you find yourself finishing the last biscuit in the pack. You’ve eaten all of them!

So now what? Instead of beating yourself up and thinking you’ve ruined your whole new way of living, just pay the consequences and move on. Choose something you will do if you break your “cravings” plan.

For example if I break my plan:

  • I will go for a 5 km run or,
  • Do 50 burpees or,
  • Bath the damn dog or,
  • Wash and hoover the cars, etc.

Whatever you choose as punishment, do it and then get over it. The next day start fresh and get back on track. No point on dwelling on it for days, giving up, not going to the gym or grabbing the second pack of biscuits. Just pay your dos and press reset.

Following these 5 easy steps can really allow you to keep up with your goals and continue on the right path to a healthier lifestyle, being leaner, and stronger. It’s ok to enjoy our favourite foods. It’s ok that we factor them into our lives and when we do eat them, it’s ok to feel OK about it.

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Simon Macey

Simon Macey

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