6 Best HIIT Exercises to do at Home

Full Body HIIT At Home

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at home can be a heaven-sent for busy dads.


It’s quick, intense and doesn’t require any equipment. Here are 6 best HIIT exercises to do (as one whole workout) at home that will make you sweat and will leave you breathless. This HIIT workout will attack the entire body and leave you feeling it the next day.

The idea is to perform every exercise for 30 seconds and then have a 30 second rest. Go through every exercise for 2 whole rounds. If you feel like you have more energy or your fitness levels are higher, than crack on for a 3rd or 4th round.


#1 – SQUATS:  

Feet shoulder width apart and pointing out slightly. Hold your arms out in front of you and sit down into the squat. Go as far down as your flexibility allows you. The deeper into the squat, the better. Contract your glutes and stand up pushing your hips forward. Repeat as many as you can. (30s on / 30s off)


Head down into a high plank and hold. When you are ready start running your feet in towards your chest. Try and go as fast as you can and bounce in between each step. If you are unable to do this, stepping in and out will be a great alternative. (30s on / 30s off)

In between each exercise you have 30 seconds to rest. During this time try to recover as quickly as you can by slowing down your breathing and getting it under control. Get your mind focussed and prepare for the next exercise.

#3 – PUSH UPS:  

Good old-fashioned push ups. Again jump into high plank and then press down towards the floor. Aim to have about 3 inches between your chest and the floor. Keep you core engaged so that your body is straight, this will prevent you from moving your hips up and down. (30s on / 30s off)

#4 – LUNGES: 

Lunges are great for the legs. Step forward with one leg whilst holding onto your hips. The aim here is to have 90′ at each knee. Try not to allow your front knee to go further than your foot. To prevent this, make sure you take a big enough stride forward. (30s on / 30s off)

Nearly there! Only two more exercises to go in this round. When performing a HIIT workout, it is so important to go hell for leather during the “on” phase as I like to call it. We only have about 15 minutes to get our workouts in, so let’s burn as many calories as possible.

#5 – T PUSH UPS:  

You’ve got two options here. 1. Just perform the T’s. or 2. Perform the T’s and a Push Up. It all depends on how crazy you are feeling. In all seriousness, these are hard especially having just done Push Ups. So make sure your core is engaged and keep that body straight. T and Push as much as you can. (30s on / 30s off)


#6 – BURPEES: 

This has got to be one of the most hated exercises I have ever known. Whenever I ask my clients to perform these, it is greeted with a look!!! The idea here is to keep the form at every stage and not rush the exercise. So take your time and perform each part as if it was three separate exercises. (30s on / 30s off)

Ok, so round one has been completed! Good on ya! You now have 1 minute to recover and go again for round two. This is where we start to burn some serious calories and start making a difference.


Want To See It In Action…


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