6 Steps to a Bulletproof Mindset

When you think of the perfect body, what is the first thing to come to mind? 


It’s only for famous people.

Hours and hours at the gym.

It won’t be me, it can’t be, so forget it!

These thoughts are what puts the fear of failure into your mind. This perfect body seems unachievable because you have conditioned yourself to believe that this is someone else’s perfect body and not yours. These thoughts put a roadblock in your mind and before you have even begun to think about starting, you have already told yourself you will fail.

What is the key to this perfect body? Well, it all starts with the mind.  We need to understand that there is no “perfect” body, jus the one we want, we need to come to terms that our goals should directly relate to what we want, not what we see on screen.  Next up, is your mind where it should be? Are you living our most positive life? Be aware that with negative thoughts come negative reactions. Mindset is everywhere, it’s a hot topic, and it’s everywhere because it’s THAT important. Get this straight and everything else will fall into place. So here are 6 steps that will help you focus, train and grow your bulletproof mindset.

#1 – Set Your Daily Top 5

Top do lists. Pretty useless, unless you use this “Hack”.

How many have you written and truly completed? When we overwhelm ourselves with things to do, we just do what’s the easiest. And so our list gets bigger. A good way to lessen the load is to focus on what’s really important and what will move the needle the most in the long term.

Every Sunday write out everything you need to do for the week. Then set the top 5 tasks that you know will have the biggest impact on you. Don’t move onto the a new task until completing the one before. This will help you to pinpoint what is a priority and what can be left for another day. Crossing off those items is an incredible feeling, so make sure you choose tasks that are achievable to complete in the time allotted.

Be sure to stay focussed on one item.  We become incredibly inefficient when we try and do more than one thing at once.  Give 100% to one task consistently and you’ll notice how you start to get a lot more done and free up some time for the kids or the gym. 


#2 – Real Goals

These are goals that forge your long term behaviours but have you focussed on the daily. Know what you want, when you want it and exactly how you are going to get it. Start small, it’s ok to. You may not squat 300 lbs on your first day at the gym, but by making smaller, more realistic goals you will be able to reach your ultimate goal in no time.

Starting goals that are unachievable will leave you with doubt and will see you fail faster. Celebrate all the wins along the way, not just the big ones.

If a long term goal doesn’t get you jazzed up in the short term, its a clear indication that it has no relevance to you.  Make sure they are YOUR GOALS and not your gym buddies. 


#3 – Always Be Learning

I LOVE THIS ONE! (so simple, but a HUGE game changer!)

Always be developing your practice or sharpening your tool. Growing your mind is growing your body. Take a class, read a new book, get out that project you’ve been meaning to finish and find out how to properly get it done.

We have all the tools these days to become better versions of ourselves, from youtube to online coaches to seminars to webcasts.  You can learn whatever you set your mind to, the only thing holding you back is YOU! 


#4 – Have a Morning and Evening Routine

This is a pretty simple concept. Do something for yourself in the morning and in the evening. Something that you want to do daily that will help you get ready for the day and unwind in the evening. Maybe it’s a morning walk around the block listening to your favourite music or heading to bed early to read a few chapters of the new book you are reading or even banging out some push ups whilst your morning coffee is brewing. Regardless of what you decide, make sure your family knows that this time is just for you and when you are done, you are all theirs.



#1 – Night time (down time), can be your time to go through your training plan for the next day.  Time to prepare and save time searching for what you are meant to do when you get to the gym

#2 – Use your evenings to “Pre-Log” your My Fitness Pal”, this is a great strategy to hold you accountable to the food you intend to consume the next day.
#3 – Journal, take notes, review, call it what you want but assessing your daily actions against your long terms goals is going to help keep you on track and stay focuses and motivated. 


#5 – Control who Controls You

Have a serious look at the people you surround yourself with. And I am not talking about people you can’t avoid like coworkers, neighbours etc. But your most closest of friends and even family. What do they bring to your life? How do they help you be the best version of you? We all know that Negative Nancy (or Ned or Dave) who just gets everyone down, is this a person you?

Consider a friend, a close friend? Surround yourself with people on the same page as you, who are happy and confident and bring positivity into your life and their own. Only surrounding yourself with them, you learn to be more positive.

Write down your closest 5, (but remember we all have some faults), which one of these people really brings you down? Maybe they are the person who pushes you to drink that extra beer you were trying to avoid or to eat that burger you really didn’t want. If they will not stand next to you on your journey maybe it’s time to show them off your path.


Create you own inner circle (this is exactly what I have).  It can be up to 5 people, I currently have 2.  These people are the people you trust in, to talk to, to share ideas or stresses with, to bounce ideas off and vice versa.  You allow them into your circle of trust because you believe they make you a better person and you to them.

This creates very clear boundaries to who you take advice from, who you invest your time in and who you want to share special moments with.  It also clearly tells you, who you don’t react to, this doesn’t mean you ignore them or cut them out of your life, it just means you don’t get dragged into their daily dramas or react emotionally to how they behave as this is incredibly time and energy consuming.. We don’t want this, we are on a journey, a true transformation!


#6 – Believe

Accept where you are and that you put yourself there. Accept where you want to go and accept what it’s going to take to get you there. And then simply believe that you can achieve your goals. We spend hours and hours supporting our loved ones, our children, our friends. We raise them up in everything they do, but when it comes to ourselves we are so quick to doubt our strength or our will to succeed. This needs to end here. the greatest version of you IS achievable, but before we see these results we must first get our minds in the healthiest and strongest place ever.


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Simon Macey

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