7 EASY HABITS To Start Transforming Your Body Today

How can you launch a new version of yourself? 


You Start Today!!!


It can be that simple!  Show up today and take some action towards something you want to improve upon.  So today I want to share with you 7 habits you can easily start working today to help you on your way towards true transformation.


This means 10XDADS that in a few swipes of your screen you’ll be able to:

  • Decide upon choosing 1 or more habits to take action towards building a better you TODAY!

  • Feel better about the fact you are already crushing it and doing a number of these.

  • Reflect, knowing you used to do a few of these habits, but have let them slip recently. 


1. Wake up EARLY


Being busy dads we can some times find ourselves in an infinite loop of not having enough time. Starting the habit of creating an hour in the morning to serve ourselves before the morning rush can be hugely beneficial.  Whether that be with a workout, brisk walk, meditation or even work.  Having that time to yourself especially in the morning is going to set you up for a great day and on the round to transformation.

10X Tip:


Commit to doing this for one entire week.  The first day will be easy, the second and third will be tough, but come the fourth, you’ll start to enjoy your time alone getting stuff done and starting the day on your terms. 


2. Recognise the OPPORTUNITY


Different situations present us with an opportunity especially the bad or challenging ones.  It took me a long time to understand that finding a weakness in my body at the gym or getting injured was a good thing (obv not a major injury).  This was my bodies way of telling me I had work to do and if I wanted to become stronger I had to work on these areas of weakness.  Creating the habit of seeking areas of weaknesses is going to create a growth mindset, as mentality that will allow you to be constantly seeking growth and development. 


10X Tip:


Be honest today and find an area of weakness that you want to go attack.  You might be great a squatting, but suck at deadlifting.  GREAT, lets develop some hamstrings for the next 8-12 weeks!  Recognise the opportunity as potential for growth not as a reminder that you suck!


3.  Level Up with AUDIO BOOKS


This is going to sound strange, but I miss my commute to work (now that I fully work from home).  My drive to the gym was 25 minutes each way and some times longer because I’d go the longer way on purpose.  All because I found amazons audio book service. An incredible app that allows you to listen to all your favourite books, plus ones you’ve not even discovered yet.  I account for huge personal growth to this time as I was getting through at least one book a week. You can grab a free month on Amazon Audible 


10X Tip:


I created  a video on our 10XDADS YouTube channel “5 Books That Will Change Your Life | My Top Personal Development Books” you can watch it HERE to get you rolling!


4.  Exercise EVERY DAY

For some of you right now you may be thinking this is far far in the distance, but I want to tell you right now that you are totally able to do this! In your mind, you’re saying to yourself “hitting the gym” or workout from home every single day is going to put you in a hole and you wont be able to walk for a week, nor do you have the time for it.  But it doesn’t have to be anything crazy!  Just move!  How can you consistently do something every single day, that will elevate your heart rate, get a bit of a sweat on and help build strength. 

It could be a core workout at home or a quick 10 minute HIIT, or a mobility and stretch session or smashing the weights, what ever you choose be consistent. 


10X Tip:


Sit down on a Sunday and plan your week out.  Try to put together days of high intensity, coupled with low intensity.  This will allow you to push the body for optimal growth, but at the same time allow for recovery.


5. Improve Your NUTRITION One Meal At A Time 


I’ve coached enough dads now to know that nutrition is a major sticking point when it comes to you reaching your goals.  This is because a lot of the time we over subscribe to change, what I mean by this is that we try (with all the greatest of intentions) to change everything about our food all at once.  This normally works and stays true for a few weeks, but then can be quite challenging to maintain.

As opposed to focussing on trying to improve one meal at a time.  I know this doesn’t sound sexy, playing the long game, but its the one that works.  

10X Tip:


Tonight decide upon one meal that you will focus on to make 1 single improvement on.  It may be lunch for example and trying to increase your protein portions, or minimising takeaway lunches, or reducing processed foods for lunch.

Everyone eats different, so you’ll have to put on your big boy pants and make these decisions, but make them and then stick to them.  Review in a weeks time and cast your attentions on another meal.

Do this over time and sooner than you know it, your nutrition will be a habit that has dramatically improved! 


6.  Surround Yourself With The RIGHT PEOPLE


You’ve heard it before right?  You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  Now, this would be great if these five were hard working, with a growth mindset, productive, high achieving and inspirational, but likelihood of this is normally quite low. 

and so we actually have to make the tough decision to see some people less and then get outside of our comfort zones and meet new people to level up. 

We can all moan and groan about how annoying our friend and family can be and that they drag us down or always hold us back when we start a new diet.  But at the end of the day, we are the captains of our ship.  We get to make all the final decisions!

So yes, your mates keep sabotaging your latest diet with nights out and/or takeaways, but it is you that is deciding to follow through.  You do not have to do anything you don’t want to and if you have strong enough intentions towards your goals you will make the right choices moving forward. 

Making it a habit to constantly ask yourself; “are the people I’m surrounding myself with leveling me up or dragging me down” and then taking action towards the answer. 


10X Tip:


Facebook Groups are great for finding pretty much anything and quickly surrounding yourself with the right people.  We have a FREE Facebook Group & our Paid Members ONLY Academy Group.  Please feel free to join our Free Group anytime and surround yourself with dads all wanting to be the best possible versions of themselves. 


… and I don’t mean at work, this isn’t a business blog!  

Be more productive with your time at the gym or at home when working out.  We’ve already talked about the fact as busy dads we struggle with time.  Enough time to exercise, enough time meal prep, etc, etc, … but when you do find the find, use it effectively. 

This comes in the form of having a workout plan and sticking to it.  Know what workout day it is today (chest, back, etc), know what you are going to do as a warm up, know the reps & sets you are doing and the weights you used last week to warm up with.  
Knowing all this is going to save your tons of time. 
We all know the feeling of starting a workout and instantly stopping to ask ourselves; what are we doing today and how should I get started.

10X Tip:

Find yourself a workout program free or paid depending on how serious you are and go about sticking to it and don’t be that guy who does it for 4 weeks and thinks he’s hit a plateau… You haven’t you’re just not challenging yourself enough.

How To Start Using Today’s BLOG


Choose one habit you think you need to work on.  However, don’t just take my explanation for it, relate it to you and personalise it to how you look and feel right now. Then go about focussing on it for next 21 days at least. Share it with the family and get them involved, they will hold you to it and who knows, they might get involved in trying to level up to. 

7 Easy Habits To Start Transforming Your Body Today | FINAL WORD

  • Healthy habits don’t change over night, you’ve got to work on them
  • But first you have to have the mindset to allow yourself to own up to weaknesses and work on them
  • Start small and build
  • Small incremental changes add up to a big deal over the course of time. 

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