8 Tips to STOP WASTING TIME and exercise better

You struggle to find time to exercise or you feel that you’re not making the best use of the time when you do.


It’s frustrating! You have all the best intentions to start exercising regularly, but you don’t want to waste your time doing all the wrong things. You find yourself in a vicious cycle of “stop and start”, not knowing if you’re doing the right thing.


Today I am going to lay a few things out for you and get you back on your feet!


Here’s what I can guarantee:


  • A structure you can plug and play when it comes to your training and your routines, WIN!
  • I’ll highlight some of the potential pitfalls you may have found yourself in recently, WIN!
  • I’ll show you a hack to help save you time and be a lot more productive. MASSIVE WIN!


Now, if you’re sat there, right now thinking, is the time it takes to read this blog worth it? The answer of course is, HELL YES (I would say that, I know, but…).  Today’s blog will help you to be more effective with your training time (getting leaner & stronger), freeing you up to have more time at home with the family and more importantly feel less stressed when it comes to putting the effort in and getting the right results.


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Lets Start With a Common Dad Scenario:


This is a perfect example from one of my online clients (has this type of situation played out for you before?)

He starts going to the gym, he’s hitting it up regularly. He starts to see results and is really enjoying it… and BOOM!  Something pops up and messes up his schedule. An injury, or could be in your case something at home or work or with the kids, whatever it is, regime has gone!

He spends the next few weeks, months, trying to sort it out!

His gains have GONE!

As has his motivation!

One evening he decides enough is enough and commits to getting back to it.  He runs it through his head and figures out his day will look like this:

05:00 – Wake up

05:20 – Leave for the gym (cycling)

05:40 – Get to gym

06:10 – Must hit the showers for work

06:20 – Leave for work (cycling)

06:40 – Get to work

He decides to commit to this for 3 days a week, as it will allow him to still get home in time to see both the kids before bed time.  He’s also decided to cycle to the gym as he feels the extra cardio will do him good.

Finally he decided to perform the program his Physiotherapist has given him at the gym, as the injury that stopped him previously is still something he needs to work on, plus his Physio said it was important!

PLUS he’s not really sure what to do at the gym and doesn’t want to look stupid!

Is this a GOOD PLAN???

Is this an effective use of his TIME?

Yes & No!

When it comes to being a dad, we want to find the perfect balance between working enough (earning $£ enough more like it), having time with the kids and your partner, enough time to relax and time to train, exercise and be a badass (badass being the most important).

Our above scenario, although is a good start, can be so much better if we refine a few things.

Being more effective with how we go about our day and fitting our training in, is going to have a huge impact on how we go about the rest of the day.

“I feel amazing. Bouncing through my workday.  I love this shit”

(Just one dad, who’s got his shit in order!)

We spoke at length on our weekly coaching call and figured out a few of the things we should keep and a few things we should change. Here’s how things panned out:

Things We Should Keep!!! (A Blueprint for life):


I was always told to put positives first, lol



First up, exercising in the morning. Good healthy habits are developed when our willpower is at its highest, this is always in the morning.  Consider your phone battery, we are 100% in the morning and later in the evening we are 10% or running into the red. We struggle to develop any new habits when are in the red.


Want to do something new, make a fresh start, remove old habits and start new one? It has to be done in the morning, when you are far more likely to succeed.



If you can fit it into your schedule (and when you can go again pre/post C-19) always hit the gym. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret, there are many effective ways of getting just as good of a workout at home (what we preach in the Academy).  Plus being in a gym environment is going to provide less distractions compared to training at home (aka, not having to break up kid fights).  Finding the right balance and style of exercise is really important, so test a few things out. 


Things We Should Definitely Change!!!

(or a waste of time or not an effective use of time)



If your time is limited to exercise it’s important you spend as much time doing it.  Although, it might sound strange as cycling is “exercising”, it’s going to waste time away from the gym.  Drive to the gym, drive to work.  This will save you 15 minutes either end giving you an extra 30 minutes in the gym to train… WIN! We want as much time there as possible.  Reminder, the focus for this blog is being effective with out time, if you love cycling and it gives you all the good feels for the day, then cycle.  But if you are doing it for the sake of “being healthy” and sacrificing time at the gym, then don’t!



Now that we’ve added an extra 30 minutes to your gym time, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend 20 minutes of it on a core/stretching program.  DO THEM AT HOME or incorporate them into your warm up routine? Can you superset them with a major mover?



When time is limited use overload techniques to help give your body the right stimulus for growth.  In other words take 2 exercises and perform them back to back to save time and build muscle mass. No brainer, easy to implement!



With this in mind, your gym routine should scream COMPOUND EXERCISES.  If you have more than 2 isolated movements you are not making an effective use of your time.


Remember we are trying to save time, not waste it.


My client is now working on keeping to the process we have created. Being more effective with his time; driving to the gym, cycling on the weekends, compound super setted workouts, physio program at home, short sharp warm ups, etc, etc.  Sounds Immense, right?!


SIDE NOTE: Want more information on how to effectively use your time.  Download our free guide to give you the step-by-step approach to being a 10XDAD.



(Slight change of pace here)




Battery usage:  time to do something slightly painful.

If you’ve ever used the excuse:


“I just don’t have enough time”


I’m about to call you out on that bullshit.

  1. Open up your phone
  2. Open Settings
  3. Go to Battery
  4. Go to “Battery Usage”
  5. Hit “Last 7-Days:

You are now going to see how much time you have been on Facebook, Instagram, Safari, WhatsApp, Photos, etc, etc.

Add all those hours up and post them in the comments section below and then tell me you don’t have enough time in the day or week.  Add in a tiny (tiny) bit of discipline to your daily use of your social media accounts and there’s your extra time for training.  I posted mine today at 10X|Dads, check it out, who wants to hold me accountable to improve this???


How To Start Using Today BLOG


So today we’ve talked about the common cycle most dads go through.  Our goal is to strive for consistency with our training and be as effective as we can be.


How does that look?

  • Identifying when we can train.
  • Putting a plan together that will be achievable.
  • Making sure we are making effective use of our time.
  • Ask a professional to look over it, to make sure you are not wasting your time on specifics.
  • Compound super-setted exercises.
  • Warm-ups no more than 5 minutes.
  • Take a look outside of the norm and see if there is anywhere you can save some time.

By now you should have an exact idea of where you are.

Where are you at…. Let me know…


Hit me up at 10X | Dads | Facebook Page (Message Me Here)


Maybe you are a dad who’s been out of it for a while and is now reading this, finding the motivation he’s previously had.


Maybe you’re a dad who trains regularly but hasn’t seen results for a while and could do with a review to see if you are making full use of your time.


Either way hats off to you for getting this far down the page.


Let’s take the next step…


What does that look like for you? What’s the next step?


Want more from your day?


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