HITT VS LISS – Which Should You Do?

What is the difference between HIIT and LISS and why have I not heard about LISS?

Unless you have been living under a rock, HIIT is all the rage! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It was brought to the public eye by Shaun T, who designed Insanity, T25 and many other challenge workouts. I, myself did them all and Shaun T knows HIIT!

HIIT is when you have a short period of time where you go all out and work at your highest pace and then it’s coupled with short periods of rest. Then it continues, high intense time followed by a short rest. You do this for however long the workout is, 15, 20, 45 mins etc. So if you are short on time doing a HIIT workout is perfect for you because you can get a really great sweat for little time.

LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State. It refers to cardio at a much lower intensity, we’re talking about 20, 45 to 60 minutes. It’s lower in intensity cause the workout is longer in duration.

So when do I do HIIT and when do I do LISS?


If your goal is to try and get leaner and shred as much body fat, you’re going to want to do a combination of the two.

As a coach, I recommend that my clients do both. I encourage them to move every single day, so a combination of HIIT and LISS is what I want to see them doing. Obviously we can’t do HIIT everyday as we are likely to burn out and LISS won’t get you the results you are looking for. So coupling the two together as well as strength training will give you those incredible results you are looking for.

Here is how you can combine the two with strength.


Monday – Strength- Leg day at the gym

Tuesday – LISS – to stretch the body out, to recover the legs and just to move

Wednesday – HITT – Can’t get to the gym, upper body HIIT at home

Thursday – Strength – Shoulder and chest day at the gym 

Friday – LISS –  to recover and stretch

Saturday – Strength – Back and biceps at the gym

Sunday – LISS – to recover and stretch

Let’s create a HIIT workout


Step 1: Choose a time/length for your HIIT- anywhere between 4-15 mins

Step 2: Working time – How long will you be doing the movement for anywhere between 20 sec -1 mins

Step 3: Recovery time – How long will you recover for anywhere between 10 sec, 20 sec etc.

Step 4: Choose intensity – How intense will each movement be anywhere between 6-10

Step 5: Choose body/area – Choose which area you want to workout ex. legs, chest glutes etc.

Step 6: Choose movement – Which movement will workout that chosen body part ex. burpees, squats, tricep dips etc.

Step 7: Gamify – How are you going to score it? How will you know if you progressed?

Here are some LISS ideas:


!Workouts should be 6/10 or less!

– Long slow bike ride

– Slow run on treadmill

– Faster walk

– Yoga

– Slow and steady cross trainer

What this allows you to do is be physically active every single day and these are the habits we want to encourage. We want to be moving EVERYDAY.

If we try and rely on just 3 or 4 HIIT a week, we are more likely to get fatigued or bored and quickly see ourselves lose interest in being active and see a decline in the results we want to see.

So what can you do now?


Take some time and review what your weeks look like, what your days looks like and factor in LISS and HIIT with your strength training and healthy eating habits.

This is the formula to seeing amazing results that you can sustain throughout your lifetime.

Want to see the video on HITT VS LISS click on the picture below!

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