How To Change up Your Cardio in 12 Minutes

Who Loves Cardio???


Everyone’s hands should be up right now! But I bet they’re not.

Cardio is going through a tough time now a days. Only a few years ago it was the go to exercise for everyone and was always recommended for good health and fitness. However, these days it’s been taken over by “do you even lift bro?” and “Squat, squat, squat, squat…”

So let me tell you where I sit… Right in the middle.

Resistance training or weight training should be the main staple of anyone’s diet to accelerate fat loss. End of conversation! It is the best and fastest way to reboot your metabolism and help build lean muscle. So, cardio shouldn’t be your main focus when trying to lose fat.

However, by leading a more active daily lifestyle and performing cardio once or twice a week will not only benefit you further but it will also increase your results. 

So mixing the two to create a HIIT session seems to be an absolute no brainer. Let’s have a look.

#1 – SPRINTS: 

Just imagine you are Usain Bolt, running the 100m. Sprint like hell, but on the spot. Pump those arms and get those knees up as high as you can.

#2 -IN & OUTS: 

We love starting from high plank. It helps us build up our strength when working with our own bodyweight. From this position, jump with both feet in together as far forward as you can (knees nearly touching chest) and jump back out. Be sure not to bend your back and let your hips drop down towards the ground. Hold that core tight and stay straight.


Seems like every warm up you see sports men and women perform these days, involves some form of knees up. So why not include it in our workout? But to make it more challenging why don’t you try holding your arms out.


From your high plank position, which you should be getting pretty good at by now, jump both feet out and then back in. Again, keep that core tight and don’t let your hips bounce up and down.


Something we always loved doing as a child, now you get to do it in a workout. Start from standing, bend down and crawl out. If you want to add in a push up for good measure give that a go and then crawl back in.


From a slight lunge position, drive your knee up and hit your hands as they come down. This exercise requires speed, so go for it!

Gone are the days where your personal trainer tells you to go for an hour run three times a week. High Intensity Intervals are the answer. We can mix in your cardio with some bodyweight resistance and get the desired effect in half the time.


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Simon Macey

Simon Macey

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