How To Control Portion Size Without Cups or Scales

From my many posts and videos, we have learned that to lose weight, we need to run on a calorie deficit. The end.


And lucky for us, there are different ways we can adhere to this deficit. For example, portion control, intermittent fasting, meal plans, reducing processed foods, meal prep, and these are just a few.

Today lets touch on portion control and how you can manage your portions without having to weigh/measure your food or use My Fitness Pal, because we know how time consuming this can be. We already struggle so much with finding time to eat healthy, work out and still work and have time with our families.

So, today I am going to teach you how to “measure” and control your portion sizes by just using something you have with you all day, something you can use while away and don’t have to pack.


It’s simple to follow and will allow you to be completely mindful of your portion sizes and will contribute to helping you lose weight and sticking to your deficit.

So rather than pilling up as much food as you can on your plate, using this system will allow you to stick to the right amount of food you need. PLUS, it will help you stop clearing the kid’s plates too.

The magic tool…is your hand!


Using your hand to measure out your food is going to help you keep control of your calories and help you keep on track of how much you should really be eating.

Here’s how you can use your hand to control how much you take.

In the case for your proteins, whether it’s chicken, meat or fish, you can measure this by using the size of your palm twice and that should give you about 40-60g.

When we are measuring our veggies you can two fist sizes.

In regards to your carbs, cupping your hand and using that twice will equal about hand 40-60g.

And last but not least, your fats will be about two thumb sizes coming in at about 15-25g.

Yes, clearly this isn’t an exact science, but it will help more than just piling on the food. It allows you to eyeball the amount of food you are taking in, and making sure you’re not over doing it.

Just by using this technique you can see if you’re eating too much or just about right.

So, if you’re not interesting in tracking your macros or calories, this is a simple way of keeping control of how much you are taking in and by doing this you WILL see results.

Want to check out the video click on the photo below!


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