How to Gamify Your Weight Loss

Ok, So What is Gamification?


Gamification is simple, it’s a term used to make a game of something.

How does this apply to you and your weight loss I hear you ask? Well, we’ve all set weight loss & fitness goals and most of the time, regardless of how motivated we originally are, our goals start to fade away. By making a game out of our weight loss, this will help reignite that competitive edge and make your journey a lot more appealing.

Don’t Do This Alone!

You, and so many others have also sat down and made similar, life changing goals. Get together and make the journey you are all taking a game that you can play together. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will insure your success, their success and the overall success for your team.

So in case you are still confused, today we’re going to talk about how you can gamify your weight loss & fitness and what exactly that might look like. I’m going to give you five steps to help you make your weight loss a fun and motivating game.

#1 – What Are You Playing For?

There’s a reason why all Premier League teams pay tons of money and work incredibly hard. They want to be the best and win the Premier League and they do this because they know exactly what they are playing for and focusing on.

So It’s Important You Know Exactly What You Are Playing For.

Why is it that you sat down and decided on fitness goals? What made you think, enough is enough, something needs to change? Maybe you looked at the stranger in the mirror and knew you needed a change. Maybe your children keep asking you to play with them and you’re too tired and too out of shape to chase them around.

Saying it out loud and to someone else will hold you and them accountable for meeting these goals or equally not reaching them. Whatever made you sit down and engrave those goals onto paper, or in your brain, use that as motivation to play the game.

The Game You Are Not Willing To Lose.


ACTION: Sit down and write out 3 things you would like to achieve and focus on. Share them with the people around you. Heck, share them in the comments on this post… Best you won’t!


#2 – What Are The Rules Of The Game?

Knowing what the rules are, is going to help you stay on track. Making sure that you follow the rules as well as your teammates, will ensure success.

As teammates you are there to support each other, congratulate each other and motivate each other. Having a group of people you can reach out to on shitty days will help you continue when you want to give up. Rules can be as simple or as complex as you all decide them to be. Perhaps it’s posting pictures of your meals once a day, or checking in during your workouts. Whatever you decided, you are there to support each other as well as call each other out. Call out in a positive way, those who may have lost some motivation.

Setting rules will emphasise the people who want to be there and those who don’t. Occasionally, some members, who are repeat offenders, may need to leave the game. Having members who are not on the same page as you can infiltrate the team and bring negativity to the game. So, choose your teammates wisely.

ACTION: Highlight 5-10 rules that you are going to follow to help keep you on track. Make sure everyone agrees to them and can prove they are abiding by them.


#3 – Rewards and Consequences:

What happens when you WIN? & What happens when you LOSE?

Identify some things that you will do if you win or if you lose. For example, you’ve set yourself a goal for the first month to workout at least 3 days a week and for that month you did! What is your reward for sticking to it? Perhaps it is buying yourself a new water bottle, or that nice t-shirt you’ve had your eyes on.

Whatever the reward, make sure you actually do treat yourself. Rewarding yourself will make the next goal that more attractive. Because not only did we get to do something great for ourselves, but also that feeling of accomplishment really feels amazing.

Now, what happens if you lose? Maybe you didn’t workout 12 times in the month as you planned, not only will you not get yourself those trainers or HR monitor, but perhaps you have to go for a nasty 20 minute hill run or something you’re not a fan of.

Do something that will be a little bit painful, so that next time you won’t lose. It’s so important that you have a consequence for when you lose because it is so easy to lose motivation otherwise.

It’s the old rubber band around the wrist idea, when you lose, we do something we don’t like and then you make sure you do everything you can so that you don’t have to do it again. You decide what rewards and consequences are right for you, be giving and be harsh in those choices. Doing something annoying that can easily be done with no issue isn’t going to keep you motivated. Be honest with yourself when you lose and be proud of yourself when you win.

ACTION: Identify 3-5 things you would like to reward yourself with and 3-5 consequences for missing your targets.


#4 – What Does YOUR Weight Loss Game Look Like?

Yes, you are in a game, but that doesn’t mean you all do the same. When deciding what your game looks like, make sure you are doing things that you ENJOY. If you enjoy running, your game may include lots of running goals, with some added strength. Your teammate might be a swimmer and so his game may have more to do with meeting swimming goals. However you make YOUR game, make sure that your goals are individualised to you, so that you are successful.

So perhaps your goal is to run 4 times a week and strength train twice a week, in the end checking those boxes is just as important as your team member who checked off his boxes for swimming 3 times a week and running once. Regardless of our fitness levels, we can still be a team and support each other when we achieve goals catered to us. Jim’s goals may be different than Sam’s, but they are just as important. So this is why choosing the right people for your team is incredibly important. It’s not about what the game looks like for each individual, it’s about meeting those goals and celebrating them or not reaching them and putting your own consequences in place.

ACTION: Figure Out What You Enjoy Doing Regarding Your Fitness & Find a Way To Practically Include It.


#5 – Your Gamify “TEAM”

Who, if you had to, would you go to battle with?

Picking a team for this game is so important.

Who are the people you are going to choose for you team and are you going to be a team member that they want also. When choosing a team, don’t just choose your best friend because he’s awesome.

“Choose a mate that you know thinks your goals are just as important as his.”

Your success is just as important as his own. A teammate is a person who will pull you up when you’re down and lift you up when you’re winning. As much as this is a competitive game, with rules and winners and losers, this is also a game where people support each other (a game of life). When you look at this team it is your duty to ensure you don’t let them down. As mentioned before it may not be your best friend on your team, but a guy you’ve seen on your Facebook feed sharing his weight loss journey. Perhaps it’s a mate you work with, so that at work you both make sure you’re doing everything you promised even at work. Whoever you choose, choose wisely, these are the people who can easily bring you down.

ACTION: Reach Out To 10 People Today & See If They Would Be Up For Joining Your Team.


The reason why this works is, if we can take the subconscious mind away from the main focus, which is exercise, and focus it on the game, the accountability and the teamwork; fitness, nutrition and motivation become second nature.

You stop thinking about the parts you don’t like and focus on meeting your goals and getting points for your team instead. This idea of gamification has been seen an increase in various apps such as My Fitness Pal, Strava and Pokemon Go, and now it will take flight within the online weight loss world.

Gamifying Your Weight Loss Recap:

Gamifying your weight loss journey is going to be so important because it allows you to enjoy the process. It allows you to communicate with others in the same situation to you, in a team environment and bring back that competitive nature you seem to have lost over the years.

** Here Some Pointers To Take Away **

  • Put guys into teams
  • Created a point system with rewards
  • Ensured that the you have goals
  • Emphasise the importance of team work
  • Stressed the importance of checking in relating to the games rules
  • Ensured accountability
  • Picked team leaders who will motivate, encourage and make sure members were accountable for their actions.
  • Created a community environment
  • Put in place simple, easy to follow rules
  • Highlighted that members needed to develop their own group

Since we started this at 10X Dads, there has been an incredible increase in motivation, check in, accelerated results, huge engagement within the teams, developing leaders and tons more.

Since the inception of this into our Academy: (JOIN TODAY)

Check-Ins have increased:

  • 11% check in rate for photos, stats and weight.
  • 92% check in rate after introducing the games.

Adherence have increased:

  • 40% adherence to training program.
  • 80% adherence with the games.

The proof is in the numbers and the incredible achievements of the men in the games.

I’ll leave you with this…

Life long change comes from the development of habits. Improving good and removing bad. This will only come through with results and continued progression. Gamification increases the likelihood of you being able to do it successfully. What’s “it”, it’s weight loss. Losing body fat and keeping it off for good. As a nation we don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a maintenance one. So creating a system around ‘work and reward’ that builds and maintains motivation is going to give you the world…. lol or just happiness, I know what I’d take!

Guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed today blog all about “How To Gamify Your Weight Loss”, if you’ve liked it enough please share and get as many eyes balls on this info.

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