How to NOT Hit Your Macros

There is so much information out there on how to lose weight, build muscle and live healthier. So much information that we just don’t know which is right and which to follow. We hear about counting calories, weighing food, fasting and one big one is macros.

Let’s start by defining macros.

Macronutrients, or MACROS, are energy sources made up of three types of foods; PROTEIN, CARBS and FATS, with a hidden fourth alcohol (but we don’t talk about alcohol). In relation to fitness nutrition, there are those who think measuring their percentages of these macros will achieve a certain goal. Some might measure a higher protein percentage, or some may try and hit a higher carb. It really depends on your GOALS and what your body needs.


Let’s get back to the reason for this blog post.

Many of you think that if you follow a certain percentage of macros you’ll lose weight. Yes and no. I’ve said it before and I will say it again until I’m blue in the face, if you want to lose fat, you need to be on a CALORIE DEFICIT! So the actual percentage of macros does NOT really matter. In fact when we are looking at macros, we really need to mostly focus on your protein goal. Protein will help you to build and maintain muscles mass. So if you’re thinking about macros, make sure your protein is high and that your hitting that goal every time. For guys, it should be well in access of at least 100 grams of protein. Another reason why protein is important is that if you’re on a calorie deficit you may lose muscle mass. Our bodies want to hold onto our body fat, not get rid of it, so it is going to want to use your muscles mass as an energy source. By keeping up with your proteins this will enable you to stay on a calorie deficit and sustain and build muscle.
So now what about those carbs and fat percentages? Do I need to hit my fat and carb percentages?
NO! Those are way, way down the list of priorities. If you hit your calories and your protein goals, then your carbs and fats don’t really matter to get those results.

When does it matter?

When you start to notice how you’re feeling on a high fat diet or a high carb diet. However, you won’t really know how you feel until you start testing it.

Take Action:

In the next 4 weeks try to see how you feel having a higher fat and lower carb diet. And no, it’s not because carbs are evil and bread makes you fat. Eating 4 loaves of bread is what makes you fat!

If that just isn’t working out for you then swap. Keep track of how you feel while experimenting with carbs and fats and notice if there are any patterns. Perhaps your energy has really taken a hit on a lower carb diet then perhaps swapping might make you feel better. You won’t know until you test this out.

To sum it all up:

Macro percentages DO NOT really matter! CALORIE DEFICIT and PROTEIN GOALS do! Play around with carb and fats to FIND A BALANCE that works and feels good to you.

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Simon Macey

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