How to Reverse the Dad Bod

Are you a dad who is struggling with getting their health and fitness back on track? Are you finding that your waistline is constantly growing and you just can’t seem to find the right way to stop it?

In this post I outline 4 Key Principles that I teach all my Dads to help them get back on track and start reversing that Dad Bod.


By just mastering these 4 key principles it IS possible to achieve major weight loss, even if you’ve struggled with your nutrition or exercise routine in the past.

Thousands of Dads, just like you, are reversing the Dad Bod by implementing these principles and following this simple proven step-by-step system.

The exact process I walk you through in our FREE TRANSFORMATION GUIDE. You can grab your copy here 👇🏻

Heres an overview of what we talk about:

#1 – Mindset:

The first key principle is mindset. This is where everything takes place (the engine room). From staying motivated, to choosing the right lunch to have, to getting off the couch and moving.

Mindset is a key principle that is constantly overlooked by guys wanting to get back into fitness. And without it, it can be a major contributing factor to why the majority fail at the first hurdle.

Getting clear and staying focused upstairs in “the engine room” will;

  • Allow you to push through tough days
  • Allow you to constantly push your body to new limits and overload it at the gym
  • teach you to manage your stress
  • find positivity everywhere
  • be a happier you

Action Steps:

  • Get clear on your Why.  Why do you want to lose weight, eat healthy, etc…
  • Could your “Why” also be for “Who?” Your children, spouse or as simple as YOU.
  • Knowing why you’re changing your lifestyle and constantly revisiting it will motivate you to continue and succeed!

#2 – Lifestyle:

Number 2 is all about your lifestyle. A lot of energy and attention goes into the exercise principle of a transformation, but the truth is that what you do outside of the gym is what’s going to get you super fast results.

This is referred to as NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) What is NEAT? Things like walking to work, cooking, cleaning, taking the stairs, etc. The bigger the NEAT the better the transformation. 

Action Steps: 

  • Park the car as far away from the shops you can this weekend and walk in
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride with the kids
  • Move more, do more!

#3 – Nutrition:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you should know by now that the entire world knows that

“abs are made in the kitchen and it’s 80% nutrition – 20% exercise.”

We all know the principles of eating healthy. However, we’re not told how to do it and to do it consistently.  Two major components of consistently eating healthy are planning and tracking.  Add these two into your transformation and you’ll be on the right path.

Action Steps:

  • Get piece of paper and write out your week ahead (note when you’re busy at work, have social events, are going out to eat etc.)
  • Now plan ahead!
  • What meals will you have that week at home? How can you make them the healthiest?
  • What will you eat during the week’s events?
  • Is there a menu you can choose from ahead of time and stick to it?
  • Can you bring healthy snacks during busy work days?
  • Can you request certain meals at social events?

#4: – Exercise:

Exercise is important, but we put too much emphasis on exercise straight away.

There is a reason why I have listed exercise last and that’s because it comes last in the process.

If you are not crystal clear with your mindset, lifestyle and nutrition then you will literally be running up a very steep hill … against a stiff breeze … with your ankles tied … blindfolded!

You can exercise for hours and hours, for days and days and not have the results you want unless the first 3 principles are mastered!

Imagine, working your ass off at the gym only to be disappointed that very little change has happened!

And to make it every better here is a little secret that you’re going to love … you don’t have to use the treadmill any more!

The weights room is the place to be. Lifting weight 3-4 times a week can transform you and get you back on track in no time.

Action Steps:

  • Time to add more resistance training to your schedule. RT is King!
  • If your new, progress from machines, to dumbbells to barbell work
  • Master your squat
  • Keep intensity high

Want to put these into practice?

Obviously I am just touching the tip of the iceberg here. However, the principles are clear and never-changing. Get clued up on these 4 principles and you will be one-step closer to total body transformation. 

My 1-1 Coaching Program delves deeper into these principles and allows you more opportunities to practice these principles.

Join the many Dads today who are making changes to their bodies, life and mindset! Get our and start today!


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Simon Macey

Simon Macey

Expert Fat Loss Coach. Father of 2 beautiful children who's sole goal in life is to be the best partner and dad.