How To Tone Your Chest Using These 5 Simple Band Exercises

Banded exercises are one of the best ways to exercise at home to get a great workout in.  You can mimic pretty much every movement you might perform at the gym using them. 


This Means Dads, You Can:


  • Save time and workout from home
  • Save money and cancel your gym membership
  • Spend more time at home with the fam
  • Not stress about missing the gym because of work or traffic
  • And start to build your “Man Cave” <- obviously the most important point


And if you want to know more about how to workout from home and make this a smooth transition with the kids and your partner, I got you.  How To Workout From Home & Not Go Crazy, check it out HERE


1.  Lying T-Stretch


You are starting with a stretch. I know what you’re thinking, I thought this was a blog to tone my chest, not stretch it, but stay with me.

So many guys miss this part out and we all know what it leads to. So I wanted to include it so that you guys don’t end up like those guys at the gym walking around like monkeys.

Perform this “stretch” as a mobility piece – this means perform it with movement.  Try not to hold for too long and rotate to the other side, hence mobilising the joint.


How To


Lie face down, nose touching the ground (find a clean spot), legs together and arms out in a T position.  Pull one arm in towards your ear and rotate your leg over your other one.  Push this hand into the ground to increase the stretch on the opposite chest. 

or Watch Here if you’d prefer to see it!

10X Tip


Mobilise the shoulder and chest before hand to make sure the joint is warm and then perform this stretch, it will help increase range of motion. 


2.  Chest Press


The go to equivalent at the gym would be barbell bench press or dumbbell bench.  Seeing as though we are at home and using our bands, we perform this standing up. 

This movement can be performed lying down, but as you’ll soon come to know when using bands you want to keep the set up easy and not complicate things.  This set up is the easiest. 

How To


Set the door anchor shoulder height.  You can adjust this lower (Incline) and higher (decline) to hit different parts of the chest.  However, for today we are just focussing on the standard “flat bench.”  Attach your handles and have the relevant resistance band.   Come out into a standing lunge position to create a stable base and press from this position.  You want to feel like you are giving two fist pumps out in front of you.  Keep those elbows high and control the movement.

or Watch Here if you’d prefer to see it!

10X Tip:


The difference with bands compared to other methods is that bands provide full tension.  Therefore you’ll need to really focus on the eccentric part of the movement as well as the concentric part otherwise the band is going to own you and pull you around.


3. Chest Rotations


Similar to a shoulder Arnold Press, but for your chest.  With this movement we are performing a rotation as we press out.  This is going to incorporate and recruit other muscle groups to help you perform the movement. 

How To


Exact same set up as Chest Press, however your finish position will leave your palms facing up towards the ceiling.  As you come back out of the press you will slow the bands and rotate your palms back down facing the floor. 

or Watch Here if you’d prefer to see it!

10X Tip


At the top of the movement with your palms facing the ceiling.  Pause for 2-3s and really think/feel the chest contracting.  This will do a few things, add more time under tension and also help create the mind body connect. 


4. Single Arm Chest Fly


This movement and #5 are pure isolation.  This movement in particular may require you to lower the resistance and leave the ego at the door.  This movement is also going to require a decent amount of discipline when it comes to the rest of your body. 

Keep those shoulders back and down and “engage that core” said every bad PT in the gym.  But seriously if you don’t engage the core here, the band will not move. 

How To


Set the band up chest high.  Stand sideways on from the anchor.   Hold the handle, allow the band to tight and the arm straight.  As you engage your core, shoulder back and down, pull the band.  You’ll want to create a semi circle, finishing the movement inline with your sternum. 


or Watch Here if you’d prefer to see it!

10X Tip


Put your non-working arm out as a target for you to aim at. 


5. Single Arm Chest Press


Performing unilateral movements or single limb movements are great to not only build strength, but great to identify an area of weakness or strength.  When we exercise using both arms at the same time (bench press) sometimes weaknesses can be hidden by a stronger arm.  Therefore only using one limb at a time is a great way to find these discrepancies and give you an area to develop. 

How To

As all the previous, set the band anchor at shoulder height.   Step out into a stable base, whilst holding onto the band.  However this time, you’ll only be pressing out with one arm.  Your non working arm can either rest on your waist or out in front as a balance. 

or Watch Here if you’d prefer to see it!


10X Tip


If you want to develop this movement without changes to the resistance band, try narrowing your stance and/or creating an unstable base to stand on.  You’ll notice you will have to work those core stabilising muscles twice as much. 


How To Start Using These Movement?


So now you know the movements, how to set them up and how to perform them. It is important we put them together in a way that will help us tone the chest, ie build lean muscle mass and aid in the burning of fat. 

For this to happen we are going to use what’s called “hypertrophy” rep ranges or reps between 8-15 for 3 sets.  This is going to create enough volume of reps to help build muscle. 


The Workout


1. Lying T-Stretch
    • 3 sets
    • 20 rotations
2a. Chest Press
  • 3 sets
  • 15 reps
2b. Chest Rotations:
  • 3 sets
  • 10 reps
3a. Single Arm Chest Press:
  • 3 sets
  • 15 reps
3b. Single Arm Chest Fly:
  • 3 sets
  • 10 reps

10X Tips


Take 2-3 Minutes to warm up and mobilise the shoulder/chest first before performing the lying T stretch.  The 4 movements that create 2 supersets can either be your total workout for the day or part of a push workout. 

You can add 1 or 2 shoulder supersets and a HIIT workout. 


Tone Your Chest Using These 5 Simple Band Exercises | Final Word

  • Use these 5 band exercises to start building your chest. 
  • Perform these movements at least twice a week for optimal growth. 
  • Always focus on good form. 
  • Aim to build each time by changing the reps or adding resistance. 
  • Warming up the shoulder/chest is super important. 

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