Upper Body HIIT at Home

The Upper Body Workout:

A Must For Any MAN!

I’ll be honest, I don’t really believe that, but I’ve worked with enough guys over the years to know that the majority of the time all they want to do is hit up the chest and arms.

So here, I have for you an all rounded upper body workout to do at home. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED, just the timber you have!


Seems a strange one, but the back is hard to work on with just body weight. So find yourself a door, grab hold and pull yourself in. To make it easier or harder move your feet closer or further away from the door. Keep your core tight and shoulders back.


I’ll put my hands up to this one, I love to work my triceps. Quick fact for you, if you want big arms, perform more tricep exercises as they take up more of the space. There are 3 tricep muscles and only 2 biceps. Back to the exercise; find a chair, grab hold and dip down. Make sure you go down & up and not out & in. Flex the elbows past 90′.

With all upper body exercises it’s important to hold good posture. Think of your posture right now, how are you sitting? Are your shoulders back and chest out?

Before any upper body exercise, reset your shoulders by pulling them back and down. This will help you perform the exercise with good posture.


Tricky, but a great all round exercise. As you go down into your push up, bring one leg up towards your knee. As you come up from your push up, the knee goes back. Alternate between the two legs each time you press.


Jump into high plank (as you do) and quite simply tap yourself on the opposite shoulder. Perform this as speedy as possible, whilst keeping your core engaged and strong.

Being able to push, pull and hold up your own body weight is extremely important. It’s going to help us build a stronger core, that will be far more resistant to injury and help us when external forces that are put against us.


#5 – V PUSH UPS:

This just looks weird right? But it’s great, I promise! Just get into high plank (again!) and walk your feet in. Bring your feet into wherever you feel comfortable. With your hands facing in towards each other, press down. Watch out for your head! This is going to be challenging but you got this, I know!


And just like that, your upper body has gotten a wicked ass workout. This workout is easily done from home with no equipment at all.




Want Access to many more exercises like these, using just your bodyweight.  Allowing you to get back into exercise all from the comfort of your own home because we all know how busy you are with kids football or gymnastics practise.

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