How to Use Will Power to Your Advantage

One of the top 5 words I always hear Dads talking about besides Fat Loss, Nutrition, Training etc. is WILL POWER.


Will power has been drilled into our heads so many times that we know it’s important but we don’t really understand it. And until we really do, we can’t use it to our advantage.

Think about will power as a phone battery. We charge them at night and when we wake up, they are at 100%, fully charged and ready to go. Then throughout the day that battery gets lower and lower as we make calls, text friends and even sneak in a few selfies.

Our will power works just like our phones.

In the morning our will power is fully charged, but as we move through the day it starts to diminish. They have even proven that our will power is the lowest at home, in the evening, after 8 o’clock and that is when we are most likely to break our diets. That’s also why food environment is so important.

So let’s dive into Will Power

It’s morning and you’re fully charged driving to work. You are driving by all the fast food joints you love – your will power takes a hit.

You get to work and you’re about to have your prepped lunch and you find out it’s someone’s birthday. The staff room is full of cakes, sweets and crisps. Your will power, take another hit.

You’re getting ready to go home and you get a text from a buddy asking if you fancy a beer, your will power takes another hit.

And finally, you drive home, passing by all those fast food joints again and your will power suffers again.

The more you surround yourself with these things, the more your will power takes a hit. Luckily, there are things we can do to make sure that by the time we get to the lowest part of our will power, we know we will still be clear of falling off our path.

Here’s how to take advantage of your Will Power:

  1. Exercising in the MORNING is the best time to do it, because our will power is at its highest. You are more likely to skip a workout if you leave it for the evening.

  2. OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important and it works, so I will say it again. Get all those foods out of the house that you are likely to reach for when your will power is at its lowest. If they are not in your sight line, then they won’t be in your hands.

  3. Prep your meals on a weekend and when your will power is at its highest. Prepping meals, chopping, boiling, serving will feel easier to do when you are fully charged and MORE IN CONTROL of your decisions. Doing this in the morning, say after breakfast or lunch is most likely the best time to get sorted.

  4. If there is something important to get done, get it done in the morning. When our will power is at its highest, so is our motivation and stamina. So it’s the perfect time to cross those important things off your list.

Thinking of your WILL POWER as a phone battery can help you plan your day better and take full advantage of the 100% charge you get.


Getting all the important and hard tasks done in the morning is KEY FOR SUCCESS and will keep you on the right path to getting, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier.


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Simon Macey

Simon Macey

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