How to Workout at Home

I can’t get to the gym, it’s too busy at home to workout. I’m losing this battle and just getting bigger!


We’re dads, we’re busy, we’re always on the go and in the midst of all this chaos we forget about ourselves. We don’t go to the gym, we don’t take the time for ourselves and that’s where we notice the notch on the belt go up and the clothing feeling a bit tighter than usual.

However, today, I am going to tell you that you can still be a busy, involved, hard working dad and still have time to do a workout – at home. The best part of all this is that it DOES NOT involve expensive equipment that takes up your entire lounge and more importantly you will get the whole family to be a part of your journey!


I want to quickly rain you in for one seconds (sounds stupid, but lets quickly take a step back).  Before we get into the working out portion of this blog, we need to discuss the most important part of it all – the “talking to your partner” part. Without having a clear plan, created by your partner and you, you will not be able to adhere to working out at home. You will not be able to be committed and to be successful, unless you are all on board!

So, before you begin anything, sit down with your partner and let them know what you need in order to be successful. Be ready to make changes and to compromise so that you both are happy with the plan. Perhaps you come to an agreement where you have an hour a day each to yourselves and you will do everything you can to make sure that you get in your workout and they get that hour to do what they need to do! I mean it is only fair!

Create a plan together that still allows you to be part of the chores, the meals and the family time, while still being able to sneak in a workout at home. Could it be while they are out of the house running errands or doing extracurriculars? Will this mean you will workout whilst they’re sleeping, early in the morning or just after they have gone to bed? Whatever you decide make sure you actually SCHEDULE it in to your family’s day  👈 plan this in first and work around (its so important).

In addition, talking to your partner and really getting them on board, will decrease the distraction time that happens on the daily. You can be working out downstairs and they can be entertaining the kids upstairs and making sure you’re not distracted. But this again this can only be done once you’ve created a plan TOGETHER.


So now that you have found the time to workout and have the full support of your family, how can you get the best workout at home? Easy! Resistance bands. Resistance bands are your best friend & mine. Of course you can still have an incredible workout with just your body weight, but I truly believe that adding these bands into your program will show you the results you are looking for.

The reason I love bands is that they are so easy to store, easy on the bank account, so simple to use and will give you an incredible FULL BODY workout, split workout, push/pull/lift workout, isolated workout, … pretty much everything you can do at home, but without the gym bill! The bands I love and always recommend to my clients are Bodylastics. You can get this at Amazon. These bands come with a number of sized bands, ankle straps, handles and door attachments. Of course any bands will work, these are just my favourite. You can do every single movement you would do at a gym, at home with these bands!

Another reason why bands are great, is that they create tension throughout EVERY SINGLE movement. This is exactly what we want during our workouts. We want to make sure we have the resistance in our training and bands naturally do this.

In the Academy I have provided my clients with HUNDREDS of BANDED WORKOUTS, so that you can’t go wrong while working out at home. In fact the majority of the Dads in the Academy only workout at home and have had incredible results just using bands!

To recap, in order to be successful at home, you need to make sure your partner and family are supporting you every step of the way. Remember this may mean compromising so that everyone is happy and their needs are also met.


(you’ve heard this before… but actually try)

  • Create a plan with your family
  • Find a space in your house (with no distractions) to workout, create that man-cave! 
  • Get your bands today

Now I promised you a workout and so I want to send you to a blog post I wrote recently that shows you the best exercises to start with.  Check out the blog Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises to see how you can get an amazing workout at home just using bands.


Let me know how you get and post up on our facebook page when your bands arrive in the post

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