No Numbers… No Fat Loss

Get your numbers under control and you’ve WON the 1st battle to Fat Loss.


This doesn’t have to be complicated!


When it comes to a true transformation, specifically nutrition, I constantly see guys making things harder than they need to be. (You can make things hard, just not yet!)

Let’s break it down into a few EASY STEPS:

  1. Analyze your body (I’ll talk about this in a bit)
  2. See what your body requires
  3. Set a goal (deficit)
  4. Stick to it
  5. Stick to it
  6. SERIOUSLY FUCKING stick to it Dads!!!!!

Let’s open this can of worms up slightly before we move on! Let’s create a starting point for you to begin eating better, in a way that is more sustainable and easy.

As a coach, I get the same questions and comments over and over when it comes to nutrition.

“But I don’t know what to eat.”

“I don’t know when to eat.”

“I get bored eating the same things over and over.”

“I don’t like vegetables.” – That’s my favourite!!!

This is the simplest way of thinking. What I put in my body needs to be good for my body and the quantity needs to be in line with my goals and requirements. Obvious right! 

But Simon, when do I eat?

Be reasonable. Should you be snacking at 3 am? Probably not. Think about when your children eat? Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those are probably good times to eat too… Simple way of looking at it, but this is what we’re doing today!


Snacking is simple. Snack if you’re about to pass out. If you’re not hungry enough to eat a healthy apple, you probably don’t need it.  If you feel like you are on a diet, it’s probably not a good idea to be snacking as all you’ll be doing is eating into your calorie deficit.  Save those calories for your 2 or 3 main meals. And remember, you are only snacking because you are bored.  Go entertain yourself somehow!


Your lifestyle plays a massive part in your nutrition. Things like allergies, Religion, jobs, friends, etc. these all affect what you eat, how often you eat and sometimes when you eat.  Review the type of person you are and see if that matches up to the person you want to be.  What’s missing? How far away are you from that person?  If you can match your lifestyle closer to that person, your nutrition will follow suit.  


This one is huge and easily represented by the saying

Out of sight out of mind!

The environment you keep at home and at work will have significant impact your diet.  If you have readily available foods that sit outside your goals, then you are less likely to adhere to your process/program/diet.

If you can sit at your desk at work and grab within touching distance the bowl of M&M’s, then it’s time to make a few changes.  Same goes for have the glass biscuit tin on the counter or crisps in the cupboard.

The less availability you have to “bad foods” and more access to “good foods” the more likely you are to stick to the process!

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A common mistake most men make, is they think they require a meal plan. However, following a meal plan that somebody else has created for the masses doesn’t always help you in your situation and your lifestyle. Why? Simple. Everybody likes different foods and everybody has different tastes. But more importantly, we are all different sizes, shapes and have very different lifestyles. Providing the same meal plan for someone who works out 5 times a week and then to a person who doesn’t even know what a gym is, is pointless.

Meal plans need to be accustomed to specific requirements. Taking into consideration, size, weight, activity levels, allergies, vegans, religions etc. The list goes on. So create a meal plan fit for you and your family. If you need help because you are just not sure, and that is totally ok, reach out to a professional who will sit with you and take YOU into consideration.

Before you start anything you need to know how many calories you should be consuming. So you need to find out how many calories you require. What does that mean? This is how many calories you burn a day by literally being alive, including the activity you do. Once we know this figure we can determine and start to track how many calories you are actually consuming.


We tend to put the blinkers on and pretend that we eat healthy and within the right amounts, when actually we are over eating consistently which leads to our weight gain.

Now that you know how many calories you should be consuming, you need a calorie deficit. This is reducing your daily calories by a percentage amount of between 10% and 30%, depending on how quickly you want your results and how well you are likely to stick to your deficit.

This calorie deficit, over a consistent period of time, coupled with exercise, will show a dramatic fat loss reduction… WIN!

Still a bit unsure? Let’s have a look at an example:

Meet Dave! Dave’s calorie requirements are 2500 calories. This is the amount of calories according to his height, his weight, his body fat percentage and his lean muscle mass. This is all completely customised to Dave.

Just like you, Dave wants to lose weight. He is carrying a few extra pounds and so rather than consuming his 2500 cals, he is going to reduce it by 20%. That means Dave now reduces his daily calories by 500 cals and now the new total is 2000 cals per day.

How does Dave ensure he meets his calories for the day? There are many apps out there that can help Dave stay on track and keep a record of his intake. A very popular one is My Fitness Pal. On a side note, please be aware that some of the information on these apps may not always be 100% accurate.


This is not an exact science, we are not going to be measuring out all carbs, proteins, fat etc. So we will never truly know the exact calorific information of every single piece of food. This is just a ballpark figure that we are playing with so don’t beat yourselves up for 5g here or 5g there. But what we do want to do is consistently stay below our daily caloric requirements as much as possible.

A common mistake all men make, is eating within a calorie deficit Monday through Friday and then letting it slip on the weekend. “A beer here and there won’t kill me.” No, but it can make you fat! So stick to it 7 days a week.

  • I have a big event this week, should I cancel?

Definitely not! We need to live our lives. Just live it smarter. If you know you have a big social event coming up where there will be tons of food and drink, prepare yourself during the week for it. First of all, don’t be the guy with his shirt off. dancing on the table. falling over drunk, unless you do that sober and in that case, go for it!

So what can you do? Prepare your days before the event by allowing yourself more calories for that day. Which would mean you are borrowing calories from the other days. Consume lesser calories leading up to the big event.

You can also make good choices! Instead of 5 pints and your spouses dessert (cause they are also watching their figure) have a couple of drinks and pass on the second dessert. Added bonus if there is dancing…go wild!

OK so that was the beginners guide to your calorie deficit. Now your actions from today’s blog is to go find out how many calories you should be consuming per day and then tap on or off your percentage that you want to reduce it by, giving you a calorie deficit you need.

Doing this overtime is what is going to get you results. It’s not the sexy part of nutrition but it is the most important part. This is the foundation from which we add on other principles that will help accelerate your fat loss journey.


Let’s take the next step…


What does that look like for you? What’s the next step?

Post in the comments

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