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Today’s Blog is 5 seconds:

Welcome To “Quick Fire” today I let it rip on things you can do in the next 7-days to make an IMMEDIATE impact on yourself.  Choose 1 – 5 of them and take MASSIVE ACTION. 



Lets Take a Closer Look:

In our fast paced society, we have been accustomed to getting things now and getting them fast. However, this is not the case when it comes to our bodies. But there are things we can do now, RIGHT NOW, that can make a huge impact on our bodies, health and mindset. Just adding one of these 👇🏻 into your life can make such a huge difference. So including a few and making them a habit will contribute to a GREATER LIFESTYLE.

In the next 7 days pick and add a few, that you know you will be consistent with and make them part of your life. Then watch things change.

Here are things you can do to make an impact on your lifestyle, right now!

  1. Wake up an HOUR EARLY
  2. Take the dog for a LONGER walk
  3. Stop watching so much fucking TV
  4. PREPARE your lunch for tomorrow
  5. Park your car at the farthest parking spot at work and WALK IN
  6. Walk past the ice cream shop and DON’T EVEN look at it
  7. Take the bloody STAIRS
  8. Put down the 10lbs dumbbells and get the 20lbs that you know you should be using instead
  9. Stop listening to the voices in your head, let that dumb shit go its not HELPING you! 
  10. Put DOWN that extra cookie
  11. Watch one Netflix episode – NOT a fricken marathon! 
  12. Have a takeout ONCE this week, not twice
  13. Hit 10,000 steps – DO IT – It’s not that hard
  14. GET UP and move when your Fitbit tells you to get up
  15. Hold on to the bar and PUSH those last few reps
  16. Run around with your KIDS
  18. Pull out £100 from the cash machine and only spend that for the week. STOPS YOU buying shit you don’t need.
  19. REVIEW at the end of the week – how many workouts did you get in, how many times did you eat out, how many beers did you have?
  20. Get a MORNING routine
  21. Go for a RUN in the morning
  22. Read, read, no really actually you need to READ MORE!
  23. Develop your OWN SKILLS
  24. If you’re going to sit on YouTube for an hour, watch something that you’re actually going to LEARN from
  25. Get a STAND UP desk
  26. Instead of emailing, WALK to the person you need to speak to at work
  27. Drink more WATER

Some of these may be hard to implement or not relevant to you, but if you choose some that do fit into your daily life, guarantee you will notice a change. Whether that change is health, fitness or even just mindset, the change will have a great impact on you.


Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW, choose 5 and implement them this week. At the end of the week evaluate, see what worked, what didn’t and why, and if they felt good, keep them up. Then the following week add another 2, 5 etc. and make those changes.

Now, get your pen, ready, set, CHOOSE.

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