Top 10 Resistance Band Excersises

“Sod it, I’ve had enough of this person in the mirror. This is not me and I won’t let it continue.“Said every guy, once in their lives!

The motivation to get back in shape creeps in, we are desperate for our bodies back, for our strength and stamina and then…we just can’t get to the gym. After all, we are busy dads. From work to sport practices, to dance class and to date night, we just don’t have the time to get to the gym.

Or even simpler than all this, we hate the gym! The environment, the people, the commute, the smell, it’s just not our cup of tea. This is why the man in the mirror, staring back at us, sad and not himself, exists.

So what can we do about it? We all have a spare 20 mins here and there. No need to drive to the gym and waste precious family time.


We Are Working Out At Home!


Let’s begin by destroying a common thought, that all dads make when they decide to start working out from home. And that thought is, that they need to start running every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that running is a bad option, I’m just saying it’s a slower option, a slower way to get your results. 

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the best way to get back in shape, lose body fat and increase muscle mass is to add a strength aspect to your training workouts.

How do we do this? Simple! We use Resistance Bands.

Not only are all resistance bands cheap and easily available, but you can take them literally anywhere. So if you are going on holiday or you are on the road with work all the time, you can take them with you and get your workout done in your hotel room. In fact you can do it anywhere. Attach them to a tree while on a camping trip. No excuses guys!

Resistance bands are great because you can now add a strength aspects to your home workouts, which will help build that lean muscle mass, help increase that metabolism and help accelerate that fat loss. Who doesn’t want that???

So to make life easier for you, here are the top 10 Resistance Band Exercises.

Chest Press:

  • Put the anchor at shoulder height (change for incline and decline)
  • Step away into a split stance (for stability)
  • Push out in front of you with a straight-arm (like you were punching)
  • Extend the elbows
  • Resist the bands on the inward phase to the front of your chest


Shoulder Press:

  • Set up with no anchor
  • Stand with one foot holding the band down (don’t move, it’ll hurt)
  • Have your hands extend up above you just in front of your eye gaze
  • Resist the bands coming down in a nice smooth tempo (on top of your shoulders)


Chest Fly:

  • This is a compound and slight isolated movement
  • Keep your arms straight for as long as possible
  • But with a slight elbow band if need be on the back phase
  • Keep palms facing inwards.


  • There are multiple ways you can use the squat
  • Front/back/goblet style
  • Find the best way for your body
  • Always knee feet and knees facing out
  • Shoulder back/chest up!


  • With your door anchor low
  • Step away with the resistance (don’t need the handles for this one) and extend at the hip pushing those hips forward
  • Shoulders back and prevent you’re back from rounding
  • Move your eye gaze with the movement.
  • Keep arms straight throughout movement.



  • Lots of variations with the lunges but heres a single leg lunge
  • Stand on the bad and step back into reverse lunge
  • Keep your body upright
  • Keep those toes out in front of that front knee.

Single Arm Row:

  • During the pulling take a step back into a strong stance
  • Pull the band back towards your chest
  • Pull your elbow back as far as it can go
  • Control the movement, your body should not be rotating.

Lat Pull Down:

  • High Anchor
  • Slight flex at the hips
  • Start with arms straight over your head
  • Flex down and out engaging your back muscles.

Seated Row:

  • In a seated position hold both the resistance bands handles
  • Pull back towards the bottom of your sternum (or just in line)
  • Body should not be swaying.

X Squats:

  • Finish off with a cardio exercise to get that heart rate going.

  • Start with feet wide
  • Jump in and together then out
  • Creating an X with your motion.


You’ll notice that these 10 exercises are all compound exercises. Compound exercises, require multiple joints to create the movement. This requires the most amount of muscular contractions and therefore will create the biggest net increase in strength and burn the most amount of calories. It will increase the most amount of muscle mass and this is important in your weight-loss journey. Performing these exercises give us a better workout and will be better for us in the long run.

Try splitting these 10 workouts into the three movement patterns; pushes, pulls, and lifts. This will give you three workouts to perform over the course of the week and will provide a full body workout. Combine this with a cardio aspect and you’ve got yourself a killer workout.

And that’s that! These are simple workouts with the resistance bands that you can do at home and it doesn’t take hours to get it done. So, no more staring at the mirror, unhappy with what you see. Click here, get them now and start as soon as they arrive.

If you have any questions about resistance bands or working out at home, please comment below or join us in our Facebook Group 

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