Three Mistake to Avoid Putting Weight on this Christmas

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, give me all the cakes, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells pile on all the drinks!”

Erm… NO!

Yes, it’s that fantastic time of year, the air is crisp, the smell of cinnamon is in the air and the desire to workout and eat clean is starting to sound like something for the New Year! This is where most guys fall off the wagon and this is the exact spot they quickly ruin a great year of self-care!

Guys, you can still enjoy the holidays, eat all the holiday food and drink all the holiday drinks – BUT and this a big BUT, you need to plan, be aware and really stay motivated in seeing those goals come to fruition.

Because, I want you to succeed and I know you want YOU to succeed, I am going to share some tips and tricks to staying on point with your fitness and nutrition this holiday season! Here are three mistake most guys make and some tips on you can make sure you don’t make them too!

MISTAKE ONE (to avoid): Saying Fuck It!

That’s your first mistake! Saying, “screw December,” will have an incredible NEGATIVE impact on the end of your year, and the beginning of the new one. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today and by throwing it all away just because December brings parties, alcohol and shitty foods seems ridiculous. As I’ve taught you in the past, so many times before, you CAN enjoy gatherings, food and even alcohol, if you plan it correctly.

How do you do this? You know the answer; save those calories! If you know ahead of time that you will be celebrating with friends or family, eat with awareness before the party. Save calories throughout the days leading up to the event, making sure you have room to enjoy all that is on offer. A great way to save those calories is by Intermittent Fasting!

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a great tool to use in general, but especially when trying to save some calories for a big celebration. Sure, you’ll have to have some good discipline, but in the end, you would have saved plenty of calories for your festive foods and drinks. Check out or blog on Intermittent Fasting for more info and how to use it as a great tool for this time of year.

So you’ve saved some calories and have continued to stay at your calorie goals, now go ahead and enjoy all the foods and drinks- well, really? Be sensible, a couple of drinks here and there, a slice of Christmas pudding and one or two pigs in blankets, is enough. Practice self control here, it is easy to overindulge when you feel like you have saved “plenty” of calories for the party. Too many drinks, followed by too many slices of cake and pigs in those blankets can really quickly add up to more calories than you have banked. By all means, please enjoy, but be aware of what you are consuming.


Having ONE DAY OFF is ok! You can allow yourself a day off to enjoy but there are NO TWO DAYS OFF! Once you allow a second day off, it quickly then becomes a third day off and eventually the rest of the week is a right off and you’ll “start” again next week – but we all know that the week after and the week after that will be filled with more parties, more food and a lot more drinks! So one day off is ok, but stop there!

MISTAKE TWO (to avoid): Not Prioritising Time

Another big mistake we make during this time is saying we don’t have enough time with all the events taking place, to workout and eat well. A party pops up here, dinner with friends planned at a random night, holiday shopping, wrapping presents, office parties, family lunches and the list goes on and on and on!

So in order to fit it all in, a great tip for making sure you can do it all, is getting yourself a calendar and scheduling time in.

To make sure this works be sure to sit down with your family and do the scheduling together. Begin by finding a time for your workouts that works for the WHOLE family. Perhaps it’s early in the morning, after the kids are in bed or somewhere in the middle where it works for all of you. Write this in a colour that will stand out to everyone and so that everyone knows that you will be devoting that time to self-care.

Once that is scheduled in, write in all the other things that need to be scheduled for your family. Include parties, dinners and events that may require extra preparation for you to stay on your goals. Every week sit down as a family and make changes and amend your workout times if needed. It is important that if you do need to change a planned workout that you find another time to reschedule it. Once we cross it off and leave it off, it will start to add up to multiple days off and once again we fall off the wagon!


Need more ideas on how to find “time we don’t have?” Pop over to our blog How to Find Time, When You Have NONE! And use some of the helpful tips to ensure that you are using your time effectively!

MISTAKE THREE (to avoid): But it’s a time for fun!

Oh is it? Of course it is, it is also still a time to keep focused on your goals. When we lose track of our goals because of the “fun” we could be having instead of working out or eating right, we start to see that belly pop out, over our trousers, blocking your view. In order to keep focused and still enjoy this time of year, working out at home can really help you save time to enjoy with friends and family.

I understand that going to and from the gym can add minutes and even hours to your day, so why not workout from home? You can even do these with just your body weight. Or even better those amazing bands I always talk about. It’s a small investment for what can save you time and help contribute to reaching your goals.

If you’re not sure what to do at home, there are plenty of blogs that you can check out on Here is a blog devoted to a whole body workout with just body weight and another blog using the bands.


It’s that time of year for family, so why not include your family in your workouts? Actually doing a workout together can be beneficial for everyone and ensure that you are staying active. Teach them how to use their body for weight or train them on the bands. Perhaps you even open their eyes to a new way of living healthy. What’s better than a gift of self-care?

If working out as a family is not for you, perhaps a long walk or hike or bike ride can ensure you are moving and include the family as well. There are so many incredible things you can do with your family to ensure you are moving and keeping fit. This time of year is perfect to celebrate fitness with the people you love most.

So you see, December and any holiday is no excuse to give up on your goals and lose your sight on your fitness. Implementing these tips and tricks will keep you accountable and I promise you, will still allow you to enjoy the parties, food and drinks.

But before I go, you thought I would forget the biggest bonus tip? Hell no! CALORIE DEFICIT! It is so important to remain in your calorie deficit throughout the holidays. Making sure you are rigid with this will prove successful in the end. If you need a refresher on how to make sure you keep at your deficit check out our blog here.

But for now,

Happy “Holidays” to all of the 10x Dads celebrating whichever holiday you celebrate and still rocking the fitness and nutrition of champs!

P.S. You can watch the video I did on this here, if you prefer listening then reading. (Click Here)


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