You Are Not Disciplined Enough To Drink!

You Are Not Disciplined Enough To Drink!

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Beer… Alcohol… This is one of the topics I get asked about the most. Many of you want to know if you can still drink alcohol while trying to lose weight.

The short answer is YES. However, we all know that it’s really not that simple, its all about how disciplined you are towards your goals and how close they are!

Let’s dive into your fitness journey and alcohol.

I have already said that you can drink alcohol, but you need to make sure it works for you and the more important part of your diet, FOOD!

What does this mean? Does adding alcohol fit into you daily calories? If you’re running on a serious calorie deficit and your intake is small, do you really want to waste this on alcohol?

Quick Example:

John is on 1800 calories (he’s got a lads holiday in 6 weeks)

He has

  • 500 cals for breakfast
  • 500 cals for lunch
  • 500 cals for dinner (keeping it super simple today) = 1500.
  • He’s left himself 300 cals for snacks.
  • Post workout shake = 150 & a granola, few bits of fruit
  • He’s hit 1800 for the day!

He gets home from a long day and gets a text from the boys asking to go for a few beers, just casual nothing crazy. He heads out and has 3 Kopparberg – Mixed Fruit Cider = 420 cals, plus a few nibbles at the pub, plus the few bits of toast he had when he got home.


Calorie deficit, GONE!

Now, you might be thinking, this is only ONE day and you’d be right!

So it all comes down to how close your goal is and how much do you want to get there. Want to get there quick and enjoy the holiday more or take your time, knowing when you hit the pool that first morning in the heat, that shirt is not coming off!

Blog continued…

If it fits, then go for it. Have that beer with the fellas, but make sure that it works with what you need for the day. Building muscle, getting leaner, really requires the right amount of lean proteins, carbs and good fats. So if you’re running on a significant calorie deficit, consuming those instead of wasting calories on drinks, will get you to your goals faster.

Here’s why you may want to avoid it. Alcohol is really just empty calories, they are not beneficial for the body and the fat loss journey. Sure, it tastes great and it’s social, but in reality it doesn’t fuel your body, help it recover or contribute to your weight loss. In fact, we all know that after a few beers, we generally make some poor food decisions. Who’s up for a Kebab? Sound familiar? This is why alcohol should be better left for that occasional social event. “Occasional,” being the key word here.

However, if the thought of giving up alcohol cold turkey is just a dread for you, you can still make it work. Drinking is often a social event, we drink at celebrations, out with the lads to watch the football, or on date night with the misses. So cutting it completely may actually hinder your success. Why? When we forbid ourselves something, we tend to crave it more, and cravings can lead to binging. And binging, fellas, is definitely not a good idea. But, it can work. Let’s see how.

UK 2 Top favourite Beers:



How can I fit alcohol into my lifestyle then if I have to?

It’s really quite SIMPLE. If you know you have an event coming up, where there will be a couple drinks, save some calories throughout your week for that special event. So when the time comes, you have left over calories from the days before to allow for a beer here or there and allow you to still feel like your part of the celebration.

But, I still enjoy a beer once in a while, even if there isn’t an event. Can I still include that in my week?

Yes, of course, if including a drink throughout your week will actually help you adhere to your plan, then do it. Just make sure you have room in your calories to include it. Make sure that everything else you consume around it is healthy, nutritious and within your calorie needs.

With all that being said, you also need to take into consideration how fast you want to get lean. If you have an event or holiday coming up, that you need to be leaner for, then putting the alcohol aside, will probably do you good. We know that alcohol can lead to binge eating, it can also lead to skipping the gym the next day 👎🏻. So if you have a time limit that you need to be “beach body” ready for, for example, then skip those beers! You’re more likely to skip the gym after a few beers the night before. Because let’s be honest, no one goes to the gym hungover and if you do, your training sucks.

Quick Round Up:


  • Have that beer if you can fit it into your daily cals
  • Have that drink if you can guarantee you won’t make poor food decisions afterward
  • And for sure down that drink, if you know you’ll still get up and get yourself to the gym.


So fellas, cheers, enjoy! But, I’ll be over here not drinking!

(Saying that, need to start prepping for my wedding in 12 months 😵)



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